How it Works

Loop Slooth Exciter,  Detector modules are both inductively coupled to cable under test --  no direct physical connection.

Linking Exciter to cable is electrically equivalent to splicing cable and inserting a signal generator at splice. 

If  cable is part of a loop, Exciter drives a small 100 kHz diagnostic current around loop. Detector picks up small magnetic field produced by this current and high-gain tuned amplifier in Detector  drives LED and  (some models)  meter.

If ground loop exists, current flows around the loop, Detector LED illuminates and  optional meter produces reading. If  no ground loop, no current flows,   Detector LED does not illuminate, and  optional meter has no reading.

Ground loop path traced  by moving Detector.

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Troubleshoot ground loops with ease
without disconnecting anything!
US Patent 7,791,353 B2