Loop Slooth  applications:
  • Loop Slooth  resolves data acquisition grounding problems, ground loops, interference, spikes, makes it possible to reduce measurement noise
  •  Loop Slooth can find ground loops in recording studios and reveal problems with amplifiers, mixers, cables, and microphones.
  • Loop Slooth finds ground loops in CCTV systems and by showing how to improve grounding can show how to  eliminate hum and vertical bars.
  • Loop Slooth can be used to  clean up the signal in data loggers and so eliminate drift and flaky signals.
  • Loop Slooth can be used to fix grounding problems in MRI and other medical electronic systems and so improve image quality.
  • Loop Slooth can be used to hunt ground loops in biological patch clamp systems and so improve signal quality.
  • Loop Slooth can be used to search for  ground loops in factory automation systems, CNC machine tools, SCADA systems, and other industrial situations where ground loops cause headaches.
  • Loop Slooth can be used to find and remove ground loops in audio systems, home theater systems, and concert audio systems involving cables,  electric guitars, mixers, keyboards, and amplifiers.
  • Loop Slooth can be used to located ground loops in  physics labs where many coaxial cables are connected to a wide variety of sensors.
  • Loop Slooth can search for ground loops in vibration tester systems where accelerometers often have improper grounds.
  • Loop Slooth can be used to identify ground loops with thermocouples and other industrial sensors.
  • Loop Slooth can be used to find ground faults in certain power systems and so improve power quality.  
Troubleshoot ground loops with ease
without disconnecting anything!
US Patent 7,791,353 B2